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The I AM Presence Whispers in Your Ear - 'Look to Me for All Your Needs!'

The 'I AM' is your true self. It is the Atman, the Dharmakaya, the One. It's presence is majestic, all powerful, and all loving. Just thinking about it makes my hands tingle and fills my heart with joy.

The 'I AM' Presence is constantly whispering in our ears:

"Look to me for all your needs."

Alas, the distractions of modern life have caused us to become deaf to our own divine voice within. Our attention has fallen to lesser things. We have learned to rely on outer things and not the Source. Can you imagine that we don't even thank the 'I AM' every single day!! It's nothing short than a tragedy.

But never fear! The 'I AM' Presence awaits the call. At any moment of the day or night you can lift your eyes heavenward and say:

 Mighty I AM Presence,
I acknowledge and accept your perfection in my life today!
I thank you for the gift of Life and the opportunity to serve.
I thank you for all the blessings I receive.
Enter my world today
and manifest your perfection in everything I think say and do.

There! That wasn't that hard! Just a short prayer of gratitude and intercession to the Source of our Life.

Thank you for your attention.

With Love,

A Devotee of the I AM


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