Violet Flame

Saint Germain Helps Disciple Transform a Dark Karmic Record on the Cosmic Mirror

Saint Germain is the great Ascended Master of the Seventh Ray - the Ray of Freedom, Transmutation and Ceremonial. His gift of the violet flame can make you free.

Following is a vivid dream I had a few years ago about him and the violet flame.

I could see myself and the Ascended Master Saint Germain sitting at the center of an etheric temple I had not consciously visited before. He wore his gold-trimmed purple garments and had a serious expression on his face.

In front of us, a large white screen, much like a movie-theater screen, covered a big part of the wall. It was the Cosmic Mirror, the etheric instrument the Ascended Masters use to show to the disciples their past lives, as those had been recorded in akasha.

At Saint Germain’s signal, the Cosmic Mirror became alive. A scene with a  knight on a horse, somewhere in medieval Europe, began to unfold before us. It was a bad situation where the knight had severely abused power by imposing his will on another person. I wasn't told this but I could feel that the knight on the screen was one of my previous embodiments.

As the scene continued to unfold, Saint Germain spoke:

“Never attempt to force your will or opinion on other people,” he said.
“Instead, make suggestions and allow them to exercise their free will as they see fit.” 

His words burned through my mind as if he had stamped them with a branding iron.

“Always do the violet flame decree and call to the 'I AM'
to erase the karmic records with His mighty power.”

I centered in my heart, made a call to the Mighty I AM Presence, and chanted the decree. The violet flame hugged my body and I could feel it pass through the pores of my being. Almost five long minutes went by when Saint Germain said:

“The record has been erased.” Filled with gratitude, I bowed my head.

While still in my dream state, I resolved to always use the precious gift of free wisely. For careless use of free will in thought, feeling, or action binds us with heavy astral chains; it creates mountains of karma for us to balance; it takes us away from God.

Wise use of free will perfects us and makes us Free. And what is the wisest use of free will?  Nothing less than alignment and identification with the 'I AM' as our real Self and our permanent identity.

I hope you enjoyed this story. It was just a dream but maybe not...

With Love,

A Devotee of the I AM


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Violet Flame

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