Violet Flame

Violet Flame as a Flaming 'Cosmic Soap'

Violet flame! Blessed gift from Saint Germain's heart:

Thank you for transforming our darkness into Light.
Thank you for consuming the dense records of our karma.
Thank you for restoring the ancient memory of the 'I AM' to our conscious mind!

What is the violet flame? Here's how Grace, an elder friend of mine who has been invoking the violet flame for over 30 years, put it:

"The violet flame is a powerful spiritual energy. When we lovingly invoke it, it transmutes our karmic records into pure light and helps us pay our debt to life.  I like to think of it as a flaming ‘cosmic soap’ that washes away the karmic stains from the white garment of our consciousness."

Amen to that.

With Love,

A Devotee of the 'I AM'


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Violet Flame

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