Thank You for Joining the 33-Day Global Vigil of Violet Flame!
Your Commitment Makes a Difference
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Thank you for registering for our 33-day global vigil of Violet Flame decrees. Your dedication to daily prayer not only uplifts your own spiritual journey but also contributes to the transformation of our world.

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The vigil starts on July 6, 2024, and ends on August 7, 2024.

With Deepest Gratitude,
Violet Flame Team
The Summit Lighthouse

Our Mission
Our mission is to share the Teachings of the Ascended Masters on the Violet Flame to create positive changes in the lives of people, in their communities and the planet. The Violet Flame is a high-frequency spiritual light with the power to transmute negative karma, transmuting and dissolving the negative conditions that affect us. 
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