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"As you invoke that violet flame by the power of the God within you, you shall see planetary change. I call for millions to join in the call to the violet flame…" -Saint Germain, April 27, 1991.


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The Alchemical Key is the Violet Transmuting Flame.

The world is at a crossroads with upheaval in society and nature. Yet we have a powerful say in the direction the planet appears to be heading! We have the opportunity to transmute the oncoming tide of returning karma and cultural darkness into the great cosmic wave of light. We don't have to leave home, just enter into your heart and use Saint Germain's alchemical key of the violet flame.

We all know the intensity of current world conditions. The destruction of earthquakes, the devastating hurricanes that leave towns and countries recovering for years, human trafficking, the overwhelming pollution of the oceans, the displacement of thousands of families by war and civil unrest, the shaky international economy, the vying of the superpowers threatening war; these are the challenges we face daily.

Now is the time for hearts of Light to unite and call forth the God-Solution and the alchemy of Saint Germain and the violet flame. "Call upon the Lord, withhold nothing from Him and He will withhold nothing from thee."

Help Earth Become Freedom's Star!

Be a key participant in this Worldwide Violet Flame Vigil. You can decree, by yourself, join with friends, or tune in to an online vigil. There are many ways to jump right into the spiritual battle and hold a line for light, life, and love right where you are.

On the esoteric side, learn about the inspiring teachings from the Ascended Masters about the history of the Violet Planet. How, at the last possible moment of world crisis, the lightbearers there rallied and won their planet's victory through the Violet Flame.

We can do no less. Our overall plan? Help Earth become Freedom's Star.

Our offering to the Ascended Masters and our brothers and sisters around the world laboring in intense situations is a 24 hour a day permanent Vigil.

The goal is noble: to work together to truly change the course of world history and to transmute the karmic cycles even before they affect our lives. The Worldwide Violet Flame Vigil begins now. It begins with you and me.

Let's keep the Violet Flame rolling around the world from now to the Golden Age. Begin where you can begin. Let us see what all of us as one can do for Saint Germain. Save the World with Violet Flame by the light of the magic I AM Presence.

We Divide the Earth into 24 Segments: Man Your Posts as Sentinels!

We desire to see the longitudinal meridians of the earth occupied by chelas who would man their posts as sentinels. Positioned on these imaginary lines, these sentinels would hold the balance for the earth, both in their waking state and out of the body during sleep.

Chelas can place a map of the world in their homes and sanctuaries and, dividing the earth into fifteen-degree segments starting at zero degrees longitude, mark the longitudinal lines to the right and to the left of their town or city. They would use this map to focus their decrees on the specific geographical areas that fall within their designated territory, from the North to the South Pole. If a chela lives in or next to a sparsely populated fifteen-degree segment, he could focus his decrees on two or more adjacent segments.

Thus we divide the earth into twenty-four segments. We would see one, two, three, ten or ten thousand chelas offering fervent calls to the violet flame within each segment. And we would especially like to see you make a concerted thrust every month during the forty-eight-hour vigil dedicated to Omri-Tas and me. It will be like putting your finger in the dike, for your violet-flame decrees can stop the flood of negative karma that could inundate this civilization.

Let me assure you that as you become one with my heart day by day and as you are dedicated to my cause and I am dedicated to yours, it may soon become possible for some of you to enter the Guru-chela relationship with me.

Beloved Saint Germain - Pearls of Wisdom Vol. 39 No. 22 - June 2, 1996

What People Are Saying

“Since I was scientifically oriented, this challenge to experiment with the violet flame was just what I needed…. To my amazement, old habits just melted away with no effort. Without the violet flame, I am sure that quitting those habits would have been a major struggle.”

“I have since found again and again that Saint Germain and all of heaven truly do await our petitions and prayers and calls, and that they are always answered according to God’s will and wisdom if we will just ask and accept it made manifest. Try it!”

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“If for one month you kept a twenty-four-hour vigil to the Violet Flame, it could change the course of history.” – A Special Dispensation from the Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood, Vol. 2, p. 28.

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