Violet Flame Chalice in the Tetons Mountains

The Secret of the Violet Flame

Violet Flame Chalice in the Tetons Mountains

The Violet Flame is a miraculous spiritual energy. It corresponds to the high frequency of violet light and those who have open spiritual sight have seen it as a beautiful violet aura or flame. It is the coalesced spiritual energy of love, mercy, justice, freedom and transmutation.

The use of this spiritual energy is taught by the Ascended Master Saint Germain. The Violet Flame is one of the causes behind the science of miracles, a universal solvent of heavenly alchemy, and a special spiritual solution for our time. It is the elixir of the age.

Saints and adepts of East and West have long used the spiritual energy of the violet flame to accelerate their spiritual development. Some experienced the secret flame itself, and some knew of it as the power of God’s mercy to change hearts and the world around them. This secret wisdom was not given to the public for many long ages.

The violet flame remained a secret teaching in the spiritual or etheric retreats of the Great White Brotherhood until the twentieth century. The 20th century and our own, is the doorway between different spiritual ages. We live in the crucial interval for Lightbearers to claim their rightful spiritual destiny, make up for lost opportunity with the violet flame, and help the world ring with freedom.

For eighty years, Saint Germain and the Masters have been preparing the world to enter into the Age of Aquarius, the spiritual era when peace, enlightenment and freedom become more possible. Saint Germain is spoken of in the Book of Revelation as the voice of the Seventh Angel that is teaching our souls to come up higher. He teaches us to Sing the New Song. This new song is one of a new vibration and spiritual energy the world has not seen for a long time.

He appeared to Guy Ballard, known as the author Godfre Ray King, in the 1930’s and gave the initial teaching of how to accelerate your spiritual path with the violet transmuting flame and I AM affirmations. During his first revelations about the Violet Flame, Saint Germain has said “The use of the violet consuming flame is more valuable to you and to all mankind than all the wealth, all the gold and all the jewels of this planet.” (The Voice of the I AM January 1941 p. 20)

Saint Germain described the violet flame in the books Unveiled Mysteries, The Magic Presence, and the I AM Discourses. Saint Germain continued to reach souls of light through the Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and The Summit Lighthouse from the 1960’s through 2000. He gave advanced teaching and initiations through the Prophets on the Violet Flame and its practice that are foundational to the spiritual path in Aquarius.

A few of the classic books by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on the Violet Flame, Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul and Prophesy for a New Millennium, are available for free on this site to help you accelerate your spiritual path.

If you are just beginning to study and practice the violet flame, there is a 30 day introductory series called the Violet Flame Challenge on this site: Take the Violet Flame Challenge. In this series, you receive daily emails with more teaching and information on the violet flame, including the key teaching of calling for spiritual protection before and after your violet flame meditations and decrees.

A Time for Transformation:

World events and changes appear to be are happening at lightning speed. We are in constant contact with news and crisis situations around the world. We are also impacting the world by who we are and what we believe, what we are choosing to be, or not to be.

Each one’s choice truly matters.

What can one person do in the face of political turmoil, economic challenge, terrorism and even weather extremes? The truth is, every spiritual seeker is a powerhouse of spiritual energy and counts for more in the world equation than most realize. We can make the crucial difference in world events.

The Violet Flame is the intense spiritual energy that can deliver fast positive change.

Why Now?

Heaven has a “just in time delivery system.” We face intense challenges so we are given the miracle of the violet flame to help us transmute the past and to create a new world. Jesus asked us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven”. We can affirm that heavenly kingdom through our work with the violet flame.

The Violet Flame is a powerful means of bringing that heaven world closer to earth.

The Great Brotherhood of spiritual adepts foresaw that this challenging time on earth required a spiritual miracle. When the time came, the Master Saint Germain again revealed the teachings on the Violet Flame to mankind. Previously, only those in the spiritual retreats knew of the violet flame. Now, Saint Germain reveals,

“As your soul travels out of the body at night to the etheric retreats for study, you are shown the filigree thread of light that emits from a heart chakra filled with mercy’s love. Some of you have seen where there have been a number of threads so great as to not even be possible of counting, and these threads of violet flame, almost as a gossamer veil, have gone directly to hearts all over the planet…You can in fifteen minutes a day of giving violet flame decrees have me with you; and in my presence with you, you can deliver a momentum of violet flame to many souls upon the planet.” (Saint Germain, 7-4-91)

The Ascended Master Saint Germain is calling you as a fellow spiritual alchemist to fan the flame of joy, transmutation, mercy and resolution. Bathe the earth in violet fire. Saturate yourself and your loved ones in the energy of the violet flame and watch your world change.

Don’t Take it on Faith – Listen to the Scientists: For the scientific minded, here is the greatest explanation of why the violet flame works – “In our physical world, the violet light is the shortest wave length of light and therefore, the highest frequency in the physical spectrum. Since frequency is directly proportional to energy, the violet light also has the most energy! That means, it has the greatest ability to change matter at the atomic level.”

What happens when you use the Violet Flame?

With every beat of our hearts, energy is flowing to us from our Higher Source. Every moment, we decide whether to put a positive or negative spin on it. We have the free will to “qualify” God’s energy coming to us. By the law of the circle, the law of karma, that energy will return to us.

Our energy choices come back to us bringing more of the same into our lives. It comes as blessings, it comes as lessons for us to learn to do better, and as opportunity to make things right. Negative choices cause negative energy to build up in ourselves, our cells, our psychology, and creates our limitations. Many refer to this energy as negative karma.

This happens on a group level too, in communities, countries and the world. This group karma affects our destinies. The visualization, affirmation, and meditation on the violet flame consumes this negative energy – transmutes it to positive energy. We can work with this violet light to turn ourselves and this world around.

We can set the energy free!

Saint Germain teaches that the violet flame has the ability to change physical conditions because of all the spiritual flames; the violet is closest in vibration to the components of matter. The violet flame can literally consume the negative layers of energy within and between the very atoms of your being.

Think of it: If you can set free energy that was locked in place by a negative thought or feeling, are you not going back and changing the past?

Taking your electrons for a spin!

When you call for the violet flame, it sets up a polarity between the nucleus of the atom and the white fire core of the flame. The nucleus, being from matter, assumes the negative pole and the white fire core of the violet flame, being Spirit, assumes the positive pole. This interaction sets up an oscillation, a vibration that dislodges the density.

On contact with the violet flame, this dense substance is cleansed, purified, and restored to its native purity. The electrons begin to move freely again, and raise our whole vibration and our energy level.

Invoking Violet Flame with the Science of the Spoken Word:

Since we qualify the energy that Universe gives us with every heartbeat, most likely some of it is not qualified in the best way. For example, any time we lose our temper, get annoyed, or spend our time judging others, we are negatively qualifying that energy. Well, there is a spiritual science to transmuting that energy.

Spiritual seekers are familiar with meditation, visualization and affirmation. We can see the beautiful violet flame and visualize its light over us, our families, our world. We can enter into deep meditation upon it and let its presence enter our surroundings. Even more powerfully, we can affirm the energy of the violet flame into our lives by means of the Science of the Spoken Word.

The name of God, I AM That I AM, as taught to Moses, is the key to manifestation. I Am a being of violet fire, I AM the purity God desires. Earth is a planet of violet fire, earth is the freedom that God desires. Using the name of God in such a way creates an interactive relationship with Spirit – you become a co-creator through the power of decrees.

We are called to be co-creators with God.

Earth is a school room where we learn to take responsibility for our energy. Now, you can access the art and science of decrees to help you. The Science of the Spoken Word, of using decrees, allows the soul to follow the Biblical teaching “concerning the works of my hands, command ye me.”

Like prayers, decrees are spoken petitions to God. But they are a command for the will of God to be manifest. When you use violet flame decrees, you are commanding the flow of energy from spirit to matter. You are no longer a just petitioner, but are entering into a partnership and an interactive relationship with God.

Join the Wave of Light

Join the oncoming wave of Spiritual Light as the violet flame sweeps across the planet. Feel the joy of freedom as the old dense energies are swept clear. The consciousness of the people of earth is being reborn and the spiritual fires of freedom are blessing each one, each family, each nation and the world. We welcome you to try the decrees and meditations on our Violet Flame Resources page.

Call to Archangel Michael for your spiritual protection before you give the Violet Flame decrees. Visualize a tube of Light over you and the blue of God’s will and protection around you and your family. So, you have set the important spiritual foundation for your spiritual alchemy with the violet fire. Meditate, visualize, sing, waltz to the three quarter beat that is the violet flame, and lift up your spirits- send out the Violet Flame and enjoy the return current of joy, freedom and transmutation.

Violet Flame Meditation for Spiritual Transformation

Enter into the 30 Day Violet Flame Challenge!


  1. I have entered into the 30 Day Violet Flame Challenge and I am feeling very happy to do so, all my life i have felt there was more meaning to life, now I feel i have found it.

  2. Hi Melanie, congratulations on finding this path and your way home. Having followed the masters and using the violet flame for many years, I can tell you without equivocation it is miraculous. Bit by bit, inch by inch, and day by day you will grow in spiritual depth and height. “The trek to the top of the mountain is worth the inconvenience.”-EM

  3. just started and my energy is better, my openess towards the heavens is better, my dreams are different. My intuition gets richer.

    1. Dear Elle,

      I am so glad for you. It just gets better and better.
      Blessings, Paula

  4. Violet flame is an absolut must do for each an everyone. I have been attacked by dark negative energies and since using the violet flame and ArchAngel Michael blue flame sword protection everyday…(and sometimes the whole day non stop.)…the negative energy attacks are now less severe. The violet flame is also been used to protect our house and pets against the negative energies, and the results are fabulous. Every day I give my heartfelt thanks to Saint Germaine , ArchAngel Michael and the violet flame.for giving me tools to rise my vibration , rise above the darkness and help others.
    Thank you for a wonderful website. Inspiration is always welcome.

  5. What a great gift has been given to mankind….all we need to do is believe!
    I was guided to set up a Foundation for Higher Spiritual Learning in 2013 in Elmvale, On…where I AM Presence , Clare Prophet books are sold and classed are held the last 3 Tues. from 6:30 – 8:30 @ Be-Still Bridge of Light Bookstore, 6 Queen St. W. Elmvle, On 705-515-1000

    1. Hi Rita Be-Still and know that I am God within me! My Guru Yogananda quoted that phrase from the bible which is my favourite! I too live in Ontario – Hamilton. My email is if you would like to connect! I just started the Violet Flame in February this year after I think St. Germain trying to get my attention via healing energy modalities that mentioned it. I was not interested or curious enough till I purchase the Pleiadian Workbook workbook in October last year and took my Reiki Master course in Summer. Both mentioned the violet flame. So after another course I took ended I started reading the Pleiadian book in January and notice the reference and got curious enough to google it and the summit site plus others came up. I am so glad my soul nudge me to google violet flame! I am so smitten by God I want to know everything about God! Particularly His/Her Heart! Even though I just started my pendulum says my violet flame was already active via Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga Science which is very devotional with Divine Mother! I am looking forward to see the power of the violet flame over the next coming months and years not just in me but my familty and world. I have started to pass on information from Summit house of the decrees and spreading the word of this powerful spiritual tool. I am sure I will in the future be working with St. Germain in some way and possibly writing a book together as I have an incredible spiritual journey to tell. I have been advised by a pychic that they (other realms) want me to write my book and she knew it was in 3 parts! Now the book may have a 4th part with the violet flame!

  6. I found the 30 day challenge most uplifting and enriching. So now I continue with it twice daily.
    Thank you. I find myself more and more in tune with my I AM Presence.

  7. May the Violet Flame give us more understanding and skills to pursue our true mission.
    May we be forgiven for our mistakes.

    1. I am still facing heavy health issues.
      I am feeling extremely weak.
      Please do help me. It is hard to keep the meditation going.

  8. Question: as I understand transformation and transmutation are somewhat different… Transmutation is connected with the DNA ….clarify and explain.. thank you..


    1. Hi Audrey,
      The violet flame as Saint Germain has taught it can actually enter the cells and atomic structure, including our DNA, and transmutation does take place.
      Therefore, we are transformed.

  9. This Violet Flame materialized through the 4th dimensional energy into my space and made it’s way into my third eye. Not sure what it means or how yo use I was just meditating and it found me? Any guidence?

    1. Hi Mitch,
      I am sorry for the delay in answering you! I believe the Master, and violet ray which is an intelligent energy, were connecting with you in a powerful way.
      I hope you will sign up for the Violet Flame Challenge. I think you will appreciate the teachings that will come to you each day for thirty days.
      All the best, Paula

    2. What do you mean this 4th dimensional energy into my space. You saw with your two eyes or third eye the violet flame energy go into your third eye while meditating??? I saw a being fly into or through or by my third eye while interiorized and I asked my pendulum if it was St. Germain and got a yes! I think its just encouragement that you are doing it right and on the right track. REmember we are trying to become one again with the Father and our Christed Self so its also about enjoying the communion that takes place with the divine however the divine graces us! Sometimes it will be energy, feeling of peace or love entering us, or sound, or wisdom or inspiration, etc

  10. I have been doing Ascended Master Yogananda’s Kriya Yoga for 19 years and already one with Divine Mother in the sense of feeling Her or the delicious I am presence every day and that I live for. When I started the Challenge I asked my pendulum from scale of 1 to 10 where was my violet flame in being balance with 10 being the highest it was at 5 and the weakest plume being the blue power one. Since doing them I am now at 10 with all 3 plumes balance per my intuition using the pendulum.

    I cant say I notice a difference because I am already highly vibrating because of the Kriya Yoga which is a powerful prana yama technique and another technique to listen to the Om sound within which I hear from that technique all the time now. I may have notice a few changes in others for the good doing these decrees.

    I have had 3 experiences with St. Germain visiting me: while interiorized a being flew by or into my third eye area, while interiorized lying down for an hour doing decrees I heard inside me “Thank You”, and one time while meditating I saw a ethereal face come to me at my third eye. My pendulum says its was St. Germain each time. When I do these decrees for an hour I do feel blissful tingly all over! I recognize that these messages are coming from beings of light because of my guru Yogananda’s wisdom that is in me now. I particularly love the devotional one Violet Flame Thy Love Divine. I am telling people about this as my pendulum does tell me that this violet flame is higher tool from God than even the Kriya Yoga technique I do. Yogananda has taught me that the spine and brain are the altars of God but while he was on earth (left body 1952) he did not mention the violet flame. He forgot the heart of God inside our heart chakra the violet flame as another altar but instead being a Bhakti Yogi of highest degree He used his devotion influence and guidance and love for Divine Mother to help us activate this divine love in our hearts. I wont quit the Kriya Yoga but I can certainly add to it the Violet Flame. Kriya yoga too does transmute Karma in the tree of light just maybe not as strongly as the violet flame.

    The negativity in this world is very thick and I see we all need to be doing these decrees and talking to the angels daily if not every second no time to waste!

    Yesterday I was at a energy expo and someone mentioned that from behind she thought I was someone else because she could see violet in my aura. She also could see a tall fellow behind me. I said it might be Michael and I checked my pendulum later it said yes! I was doing the decrees inside me throughout this event.

    I did do one ethereal retreat exercise and did see Michael come to my third eye and later could see ethereal trees on incline as if I was going up a hill at Banff! I hope to explore these ethereal retreats in the coming months. I bless you all with Pure Love, Light and Om Source purifying energy and the violet flame transmuting power!

    1. Hi Claudette,
      What a wonderful letter, thank you. I wanted to let you know that Mark Prophet who taught about the violet transmuting flame since 1958 also studied Kriya Yoga with Yogananda.
      He too said that Kriya Yoga and violet flame are miraculous methods for realizing the Higher Self.
      with love, Paula

  11. It is essential that we identify the emotional issues associated with our ill health….
    It is up to us to forgive, let go, but most and foremost to forgive ourselves before we can forgive others…..
    I practice Spiritual Psychology…if you would like to share your issues; e-mail me at or 705-515-1000 or look up my website…most of the info that might assist you is listed.

    1. Hi Rita before doing this violet flame I have been Yogananda’s devotee for 19 years doing his Kriya Yoga technique and doing my spiritual psychological work and I now have very little issues as they have been cleared and worked on. I live in the kingdom of heaven being Bliss Consciousness every day and pretty much all the time as long as I dont allow other peoples issues to take me out of my Blissful State of being. I have no karma as Yogananda’s has taken it all from me. The violet flame is coming in perfect timing for me as I have been enjoying God’s Bliss daily and pretty much all day long for some time and waiting for the next level and that is the Violet Flame and my Service Work. I too do other healing energy work. I took Christie Sheldon’s INtuitive Course and can clear people’s subconscious imprints that are still affecting them today and during the course cleared a lot of my own remaining baggage. I am interested in what you are doing with the violet flame in Canada? I will email you after checking out your website.

  12. Hi Paula thanks for sharing that Mark Prophet also studied the Kriya Yoga technique! I did not know that. God is giving us lots of amazing tools now to help us realize our true selves our beautiful, loving, peaceful and blissful souls! I feel so blessed with the Kriya and going through a lot of body pain as it has been clearing my karma. Last year I did Christie Sheldon’s Intuition Course and learned how to use the pendulum answering questions and also clearing and transmuting my subconscious bank of false beliefs. My pendulum does say that I have no Karma now and that Yogananda has taking it all away. So my life now is all about service and reaching the higher states first the Christ then the Cosmic Union with God the Father State. Right now I am experience a lot of pain in my ribcage and my pendulum says it is not physical but spiritual and it started with Christie’s course and has gotten worse. It feels like the muscles are all seizing up and tightening up inside the ribcage. My pendulum says its a Heart Expansion issue and tied to the Merkaba activation of some kind. Has anyone doing the violet flame experience that? I also asked if the violet flame can heal it got no only Divine Mother can heal it?

    1. Hi Karen,

      Great question. If you think about it, all spiritual teachers talk about having protection as we pursue the spiritual path through prayer, affirmations, reading, practices etc.
      The reason is that our planet, society and culture are not perfectly pure. We don’t have God’s kingdom on earth as yet. So, it is important to ask for protection of God, the angels and the divine energies. The Light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehends it not… and also is not always friendly to the light.

  13. St. Germain notes about the requirement of protection while using these purifying tools is that you are still atomic and not yet full embodying your I am electronic garment. Think of electricity there has to be balance so negative and positive cancels each other out. So as we do the spiritual work and these spiritual tools but not yet in the perfected state our frequency energy increases in positive energy. There is always this force of the negative energy being attracted to the positive energy to bring it down is one way to look at it or another way is that the negative energy wants our positive energy and will steal if from us if we do not have the protection of the invisible saints and angels beyond finite creation. So as we increase our frequency to these higher octaves it draws to us the negative force in creation till we become completely and permanently our true selves again and perfect and in control of all atomic energy then we wont need the protection but will be giving out the protection to others like St. Germain, Ascended Masters and Angels! We too can also fail or fall if we dont have the protection that helps our momentum to keep going and smooths out the roughs spots so we have less difficulties. Like Lord Ganesh removes the obstacles in our way to perfection!

    1. Claudette,
      Thank you so much for adding this great scientific and Aquarian teaching on why we need protection. Brilliantly done!

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