Planet Earth Violet Flame

Violet Flame Meditation

This violet flame meditation is designed to draw down a powerful spiritual energy to cause positive changes in your world. Then you can send that joyful energy to your loved ones and into the world at large.

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More information on the violet flame, decrees, and great visualizations!
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Try giving this meditation at least once a week – it only takes about 15 minutes, and it is well worth your time. The more you give this meditation, the more you and the world will benefit.

We have Tips for Giving the Meditation to help you get the most benefit from your meditation efforts.

Step 1: Choose a Focus for Your Meditation

Choose a personal or planetary issue that concerns you. For instance, you might choose to focus on the world’s homeless children, natural disasters or the threat of war. You will use this focus in step 9.

Optional: Obtain visual aids such as photographs, magazine clippings or a map related to the focus of your meditation. These will help you in step 9 to visualize sending the violet flame into these situations.

Step 2: Establish a Sense of Oneness with Life

Begin your Violet Flame Meditation for Spiritual Transformation by sounding the OM to help you feel a sense of oneness with life. Give slowly as a chant:


Step 3: Center in Your Heart

Go within and consciously draw all your attention and energy to the point of your heart. You may want to close your eyes and place your hand over your heart to help you do this.

Step 4: Visualize Yourself Sealed in a Sphere of White Fire

Visualize a blazing white flame in the center of your heart.

As you breathe deeply, see this flame filling your entire chest and turning into a brilliant sun.

See that sun growing larger and larger until it becomes a sphere of radiant white fire surrounding you, extending above your head, spreading out to arm’s length around you and flowing beneath your feet.

Step 5: Give the Following Prayer for Protection Aloud

Saint Germain and angels of protection, please surround me with a sphere of radiant white fire as I give this meditation. Let the light I invoke be used for the blessing, healing and protection of all life upon earth.

Step 6: Intensify the Light Within You

Repeat the following affirmation aloud three times as you visualize the sphere of white fire intensifying and pulsating around you.

O mighty presence of God, I AM, in and behind the sun:
I welcome thy light, which floods all the earth,
into my life, into my mind, into my spirit, into my soul.
Radiate and blaze forth thy light!
Break the bonds of darkness and superstition!
Charge me with the great clearness of thy white-fire radiance!
I AM thy child, and each day
I shall become more of thy manifestation!

Step 7: Visualize the Violet Flame

Now visualize the color of the white-fire sun around you changing to violet.

See a tiny violet flame in the center of your heart, the rays of violet fire slowly spreading outward from this flame until they completely transform the white light into a dazzling sun of violet fire.

Repeat the following affirmation several times, or for as long as you wish. Say it out loud, rhythmically and energetically.

Violet fire, thou love divine,
Blaze within this heart of mine!
Thou art mercy forever true,
Keep me always in tune with you.

Step 8: Send the Violet Flame to Others for Forgiveness

Now send this violet flame as a gift of forgiveness to your family and friends. Imagine it covering the world with comfort and joy as you give the following affirmations several times each.

I AM forgiveness acting here,
Casting out all doubt and fear,
Setting men forever free
With wings of cosmic victory.

I AM calling in full power
For forgiveness every hour;
To all life in every place
I flood forth forgiving grace.

I AM the violet flame in action in me now
I AM the violet flame, to light alone I bow
I AM the violet flame in mighty cosmic power
I AM the light of God shining every hour
I AM the violet flame blazing like a sun
I AM God’s sacred power freeing everyone!

Step 9: Direct the Violet Flame into Specific Conditions

Give the following prayer aloud as you visualize the situation or place involved, using a photograph or map if you like. Hold your hands up in front of you, palms facing outward or facing the photograph or map. Now see violet flame radiating from your heart through your palms into the situation to transform it.

By the power of the light and love within my heart and the heart of Saint Germain and the violet-flame angels, I ask that the light I am about to invoke be directed into the following condition(s) __________.

Give the following two affirmations aloud several times:

I AM the light of the heart
Shining in the darkness of being
And changing all into the golden treasury Of the mind of Christ.

I am projecting my love
Out into the world
To erase all errors
And to break down all barriers.

I AM the power of infinite love,
Amplifying itself
Until it is victorious
World without end!

*Your real Self, or higher consciousness. The universal Christ consciousness was personified in Jesus and other avatars and is present in all of us.

O violet flame! O violet flame! O violet flame!
In the name of God, in the name of God, in the name of God!
O violet flame! O violet flame! O violet flame!
Flood the world! and flood the world! and flood the world!
In the I AM name, in the I AM name, in the I AM name!
Peace and peace and peace be spread throughout the earth!
May the Orient express peace,
May the Occident express peace,
May peace come from the east and go to the west,
Come from the north and go to the south,
And circle the world around!
May the world abide in an aura of God-peace!

Step 10: Close Your Meditation

Give the following prayer aloud and chant the OM to close your Violet Flame Meditation for Spiritual Transformation.

O God, let the light invoked through this meditation be for the blessing and healing of my family, my friends and all those in need throughout the world. I ask that this reservoir of light saturate the earth and transmute all conditions that stand in the way of a new day of peace and love manifesting upon this planet.


Tips for Giving the Violet Flame Meditation

Create a Sacred Space

It’s a good idea to have a comfortable place where you can do your spiritual work without interruptions. You can set up a small altar with candles, flowers, crystals and pictures that give you a sense of sacredness. You can also have pictures of people you love who need your prayers. Create your space in whatever way will most help your meditation.

Pray with Deep Love

Go within and offer these prayers from the place in your heart where God dwells. Pour the deepest love of your heart into them. When you conclude your spiritual work, you can pray for your contact with your divine source to continue throughout the day.

Center in Your Heart and Visualize

Two important preliminary steps — heart centering and visualization — can enhance your success in using the violet flame. Centering in your heart and visualizing the violet flame and the changes you wish to produce will help you harness the maximum power for personal and world transformation.

Give the Prayers and Affirmations More than Once

We suggest that the prayers and affirmations be repeated more than once. This increases their effectiveness. In the East, people repeat their mantras over and over, even thousands of times a day. But in the West we are less accustomed to the idea of repeating a prayer.

Every moment God’s energy is flowing to you. So while you are giving your prayers and affirmations, you are continuously charging the energy that is moving through you with God’s power. The more you repeat them, the more positive energy you receive and the more you can send out into the world to bless others.

Pray for One and All

When praying, for instance, for a loved one who has cancer, you can send the violet flame to that loved one and to every single person on earth who is burdened by the same disease. It takes no more prayer work to ask for cancer to be eradicated from the planet than it takes to ask for the healing of one person.

Expect Results, but Let God Determine the Outcome

The violet flame begins to work as soon as you invoke it. It takes varying amounts of time to see results. Our prayers are always answered, but it may not be in the way we expect. The answer may come in the form of guidance to do something that will help you achieve what you have prayed for.

Or it may come in the form of comfort and understanding to someone burdened by an illness, though that illness may not be cured. It could be that the person you’re praying for has an important lesson to learn by bearing the burden of the illness. So always ask for your prayers to be adjusted to God’s will and trust that God knows what is best for us at all times.

A Word of Caution: Please understand that the violet flame is not intended to replace regular medical diagnosis or to be used as a substitute for medical care.


  1. this is the first time I am doing this meditation but I can feel that is very powerful. I did not visualize the heart with the white light and then becoming violet but I will do it daily.

  2. I am starting doing this meditation every day .
    This is my second day.
    Thanks for allow me do this service

  3. mind draws near like moth to flame
    seeking Truth heart contains
    unleashing fire transmuting pain
    that one may help all be sane again

  4. I am highly grateful for this lessons, I have gained inner peace, love and joy . Thank you so much . I am learning and growing and sharing with others in order to help each other and share the Love.

  5. Thank you for this wonderfully powerful blessing. I feel so uplifted and grateful to carry this with me throughout my day.

  6. We are so grateful and delighted that you all have found this meditation and the violet flame itself. I am planning deeper lessons on the violet flame and also masterclasses.
    Thank you for all you are doing to lighten the burden for all,

  7. Greetings, beloveds! This is an excellent meditation for which I am grateful and which I shall continue to do. I surrender all to God’s Power, Grace and Will! Thank you! Blessed be!

  8. Beautifully explained. I’m going to do it every day.
    Thank you so much. Lots of love light & peace from India…🙏❤🙏namaste…🌧Rainy

  9. खूपच सुंदर आहे धन्यवाद मी नक्कीच या ध्यानाला सुरवात करणार आहे

  10. Did anyone feel anything while doing this ? I call upon my angels God and Jesus and Mary all the time and am having major trouble connecting. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all

    1. Dear Patti,
      I was born Catholic and also pray to Jesus, Mary, and Archangel Michael daily. The violet flame is the gift of the Holy Spirit.
      Mantras and decrees and positive affirmations are a different method than prayer but you will feel it.
      Bless you, Paula

  11. It is wonderful to know that, thanks to Saint Germain, we now have a fantastic tool to not only help ourselves and our families but also to help people and nations worldwide! By utilising the violet flame as often as we can on a daily basis, we are also helping the elementals to mitigate all the damage we do to Mother Earth in past times and the present.

    1. Dear William,
      What a wise comment, thank you so much for your spiritual work.

  12. This is a beautiful meditation. I just started the Violet Flame Meditation. This one resonates with me and will stay with it for awhile, while I learn . THank you for being here and sharing this.

    Love and Blessings,


  13. I have known of the Violet flame for many years and this program has inspired me to use and benefit from it more diligently. Thank you. Light and Love from South Africa.

    1. So glad to hear this Malcolm. Many people know of the violet flame but do not yet know how to accelerate the use and practice of it.
      This energy can free all of the world.

  14. Thank you for helping us al by sharing this widely unknown secret . We should keep sharing it with the masses.

    1. Hi Michelle,
      Thank you for your beautiful message and let’s do keep sharing it worldwide.

  15. just wondering what your source is for mediation
    were did it come from?
    who has developed it?
    thanks gav

    1. Hi Gav,

      Great Question. This meditation is a compendium of teachings on the violet flame from the Master Saint Germain.
      One great book is: Saint Germain On Alchemy: Formulas for Self-Transformation.. it is on amazon.



  18. Thanks be To God, God Jesus, and Beloved St. Germain,

    May Helios and Vesta rain down blessings of solar light and awareness on us all !

  19. I am grateful for all this info..My sister shared with me about the Violet Flame and even though I tried , not in the way I should though, i didn’t quite get an experience, but I will try again.

    1. Dear Angela,

      Remember that this flame, this energy is an intelligent force. You may want it to work on one thing, while your Christ Self, your higher consciousness knows that the flame is needed elsewhere. It will do good and you will experience that good.
      with love,

  20. Gracias por compartir tan hermoso servicio… Hoy es mi primer día y me siento realmente bien y ligera
    Gracias… Gracias… Gracias…

    1. Hello Ariana,

      If the translation is correct, you are asking if you should leave your eyes open or closed?
      You can give the violet flame decrees and meditation either way.

    1. Thank you Karen! I hope you sign up for the thirty days of free teachings to help your practice on the violet flame challenge.
      with love, Paula

  21. I performed this meditation as part of a guest appearance in one of my student’s classes. Results were immediate and life-changing for me. I teach a self-healing technique called Integrative NRG Self-Healing Therapy, in which I integrate 20 different healing modalities into one comprehensive session. I will be incorporating it into my Super Moon Cleansing Ritual this Friday. it was so effective, I’m eager to combine it with visualization, deep breathing, angelic invocation, and. Chakra tuning. Thank You. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    1. Hi my name is Paula and I just saw your comment on the violet flame website. Thank you so much and I am glad you loved the Meditation for World Transformation!

      I want to invite you to sign up for the Violet Flame “Challenge” which is a way of supporting the spiritual practice of calling forth the violet flame.

      You receive thirty day of free teachings and support and I do think you would love them!

      All the best,


  22. Thank you for this gift! I feel grateful and blessed to participate in the challenge and for the beautiful gift of the violet flame.🙏💗🔥

  23. God and Archangel Zadkiel has helped me quit a 43 year addiction and a 38 year addiction just recently. Another major spiritual awakening for me after 18 years sober in AA. A month ago I had visions and talked to God and Archangel Zadkiel. I forgave certain people in my life and also I forgave myself. Once I did that the miracle happened for me. Freedom, Mercy, Forgiveness, Transformation. I’ve been learning a lot about Archangel Zadkiel. I want to learn more about the violet flame and how to use it properly for my highest good and for others highest good. I signed up for the 30 day challenge. Thank you Paula.

  24. I did the Violet Flame meditation last night and it was very intense! I was consumed by it and I felt the fire penetrate my body, mind, and spirit! I was convinced!

  25. I am in the process of reading all the information on your site. I read the Godfrey Ray King books years ago and I definitely believe in the power of the violet flame. I see the violet color as well as green and gold when I meditate, which I have been doing for years.

    I really want to do this practice but all of the mantras, meditations and decrees are so long and involved there is no way I can memorize them and it would necessitate me being in front of my computer to do them.

    Do you have them on a card or something small? I am trying to figure a way to do this practice.

    1. Dear Sherry,

      IF you download the Free Book: Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul, then you will have a digital copy with decrees listed in the back!

      Also if you are receiving our invitations to the Worldwide Violet Flame Vigil for Saturday Mornings, then you will be with other people and the decrees are on the screen. Please email me if you have more questions.
      with love, Paula

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