The Gift of teh Violet Flame

The Gift of the Violet Flame

An Easy Way to Teach Spirituality to Your Family



Share the Joy of Teaching Spiritual Truths to Your Children

As parents,we care about our children’s well-being – in every area, from physical to spiritual. We yearn to help our ­children successfully pursue full and meaningful lives. To that end, we seek to create a family life that nourishes their hearts and souls. How can we do this? How can we develop and maintain that spark of love and joy that ­enriches relationships and deepens each one’s spirituality?

This inspirational book gives parents fun and interesting activities using the violet flame to teach spirituality. The violet flame itself is an uplifting spiritual energy, that combined with these activities, can ­improve your family life.

Through these teachings and ­exercises, each family member’s connection deepens with loved ones and, most beneficially, with their Higher Self. The violet flame will embrace your family in a sense of spiritual oneness.

  • Cultivate joy and peace in your family life through giving violet-flame mantras and prayers.
  • Engage your family members in fun, interactive ­activities that are simple to prepare.
  • Enjoy the 30 hands-on activities involving sacred wisdom; designed for teaching children at home or in Sunday school.

This is your gift from the ascended masters through Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Enjoy learning about the violet flame with your child as you read this delightful book together. Verified Buyer Review:

Great Book for the Family!
Teach your family how to transmute karma with practical tips, lessons,and activities.

What The Gift of the Violet Flame Readers Wrote:

I so appreciate what this book has given to my family. It has inspired many valuable teachable moments with my children and is truly a gift on our spiritual journey! —C.P., Tarrytown, NY

I highly recommend this book to any parent who wants a road map for teaching their children spiritual truths in a dynamic, interactive way! — C.B., Mountain Lake, NJ

This is the most amazing missing link in spiritual parenting! —N.Y., Bozeman, MT