Violet Flame - Alchemy for Personal Change

Violet Flame – Alchemy for Personal Change



Spiritual pioneer Elizabeth Clare Prophet unlocks practical spiritual steps to use violet flame decrees and mantras, visualizations and meditations to bring positive changes into your life. Use the violet flame I AM affirmations to help dissolve negative energy (like those emotional triggers that go off at unexpected times!) and restore your natural positive outlook and energy.

The violet flame is a missing key to your maintaining and boosting your vitality, health, and inner wholeness… or your chi, shen and ching for the reincarnated Taoists.

For thousands of years the spiritual technique of using the violet flame was limited to secret brotherhoods or experienced by mystics. The advanced spiritual teachers of East and West only taught it to their closest disciples. Now these violet flame techniques are available to accelerate your spiritual journey!

Transform your relationships into gems of friendship and growth. Free that unlimited spiritual creative force that exists right within you. Resolve everyday problems using these practical techniques.

Easily integrate the violet flame into your spiritual path or simply try it by itself. The benefits and joy of the violet flame can change your life forever! Verified Buyer Review:

So beautiful, and a real treasure!
This book is wonderful! It’s very complete, and very beautiful. The images are gorgeous!

This could help lots of people
I love the idea that the violet flame is a way to get through life with fewer difficulties! As a health professional, I see folks all the time with really serious problems – that’s why they come to me. I think experimenting with these prayers could really help a lot of people.

Violet Flame, a New Meditative Approach
This book is focused on the use of violet flame as a meditative technique. I have used violet flame this way with great results, and as I have shared this book with others I know, they, too, are finding the techniques in the book very useful.

Great for healing!
Anyone needing healing would benefit from reading this.