Science of the Spoken Word book

Science of the Spoken Word



In The Science of the Spoken Word, Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet present the best way to implement the power of sound to accelerate positive changes in your life. Utilizing the effective and practical spiritual techniques of spoken prayer, dynamic decrees, I AM affirmations, visualizations and mindset.

This important work explains how to use dynamic spiritual decrees – spoken word formulas – to access the full spectrum of spiritual light for personal and world transformation. This book gives you a broader awareness of how to most effectively use violet flame decrees. By understanding the spiritual science behind transmuting the cause behind the effects of disease and negative karma, you gain the ability to bring greater harmony and balance into your life .

Includes: Prayers, visualizations and six color images of healing thoughtforms. Verified Buyer Reviews for The Science of the Spoken Word:

Powerful and Healing
Read this book about 30 years ago, and decided to get it again. It is even more powerful than the last time I read it. It gives precise decrees and methods of “handling our business” in this world of ours. I very much recommend it for folks that are wanting to be responsive to Spirit and chose to be co-creators. It is probably my favorite book by Mark & Elizabeth Prophet.

Best affirmation book EVER!
The affirmations in this book are life changing. I highly recommend it for anyone wishing to connect with their spiritual truth.

My favorite and most recommended book!
One of my favorite books! I would highly recommend to anyone really serious about the law of attraction and who may be spiritually advanced. What is in this book will not just work for anyone. You must have reached a level where you are holding a lot of light within you for the spoken word to work for you…and this I know from experience.

Ancient wisdom for today’s challenges
I read this book in the early 80’s and loved it. Since then, I have re-read it numerous times, sometimes just picking it up and reading a few pages. There’s so much wisdom in this book. If you love meditating and are looking for the next step, check this book out. The power of the spoken word is key. This is ancient wisdom perfect for today’s challenges. Buyer Reviews:

Great book with great visualizations!
This book introduces the power of the spoken word along with great visualizations, especially for healing. It also introduces the violet flame and how to use it for yourself, your family and friends. I’ve used the violet flame for years, and it has really made a difference in my life. I highly recommend this book.